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The Early Literacy Handbook: Making Sense Of Language and Literacy with Children Birth to Seven - A Practical Guide to The Context Approach

Published: May 2012

This title incorporates both a phonics and context-based approach to literacy to ensure that you can hit literacy targets, whilst ensuring children are engaged and become life-long readers. It is a comprehensive and practical guide on how to teach children aged 0-7 to read and write. Each practical suggestion is supported by cutting-edge research by Dominic Wyse, a leading expert in primary literacy.

Split into clear, easy-to-understand sections by age, this title covers how to:

  • Build on what children know;assess childrens needs

  • Workwithparents

  • Interactwithchildren

  • Motivateforreadingandwriting

  • Organisetheclassroomforreadingandwriting

  • Teachphonicsandunitsincontext

  • Teachhandwriting,spelling,andpunctuation

  • Assessreadingandwriting.

This must-have guide explains the theory behind best practice, followed by a practical example that can be considered in the context of your setting, Full colour photographs, case studies and action points are used throughout.

About the authors

Dominic Wyse is a professor at The Institute of Education. He was a senior lecturer in Primary and Early Years Education and a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. A major strand of Dominics research work is on the teaching of English, language and literacy. Dominic was consulted for the government review of the National Curriculum in 2011, and is a prolific author.

ISBN: 9781907241260