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Parents As Partners: Positive Relationships In The Early Years. Updated with 2012 EYFS

Parents are the single most important influence on young children's learning, so for anyone working in the early years engaging parents in the service they supply is at the heart of their care. To underline this partnerships with parents now form part of the statutory guidance for the early years and are assessed by Ofsted. This book gives early years practitioners the tools they need to include all parents in their practice.

This title is peppered with real life examples of parental involvement, as well as experienced advice on many current issues of involvement, such as how to include fathers and hard-to-reach parents, how to overcome language barriers and how to raise sensitive issues with parents of young children, such as child obesity.

About the author

Jennie Lindon has had over 30 books published focusing on child development and education. With a background in child psychology Jennie is one of the most well-respected early years consultants, as well as having worked in numerous early years settings over the years. Jennie is also a mother of two. Jennie lives in South London.

ISBN: 9781909280229