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Meeting Special Needs: A Practical Guide to Support Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This title is part of the Meeting Special Needs series of practical handbooks designed for early years' professionals working with or caring for children with specific disorders. They are written in a very user-friendly format and have been produced to meet the great demand for practical and jargon-free guides on special needs conditions and how to help and support children affected by the disorder to ensure that they are fully included in the setting.

This title features advice including:

  • How to gain a better understanding of ADHD

  • Signs and symptoms

  • Practical ways to help and support

  • Case studies

  • Useful resources

About the author

This title is written by Selena Ledgerton Cooper who currently manages her own education and childcare consultancy for councils, teachers, parents and children. She has worked in both special and mainstream schools, specialising in working with children with violent tendencies and social, emotional and behavioural disorders. As a qualified and professional writer, Selena also writes articles for professional in Child Care, 5 to 7 and Nursery Education Plus magazines.

ISBN: 9781904575122