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How Children Learn: Tutor Resource Pack

Published: September 2010

The How Children Learn: Tutor Resource Pack is designed as support tool for all early years and childcare tutors delivering courses that cover educational theory. The perfect delivery tool to accompany the must-have student book <a target=""_blank"" href=""/Products/P5092/how-children-learn.aspx?mnidx=1"">How Children Learn the tutor pack is designed to bring the pioneers of educational theory to life. Designed specifically with Level 2 and 3 students in mind this pack features:

Activities focussing on 15 of the foremost pioneers in educational theory with activities geared towards a range of different learning styles to ensure all students are included
A range of video clips demonstrating what theory looks like in practice, with support activities to encourage students to analyse and observe educational scenarios

A photobank of children in learning scenarios, as well as learning tools to illustrate learning on each theorist.

Clear links between each of the theorists to encourage students to compare and contrast theories, as well as form their own opinions on each

PowerPoint presentations for each theorist which introduce the basic principles of their theories, as well as examples of theory in practice

Theorists and theories covered include:

  • Friedrich Froebel

  • Rudolf Steiner

  • Maria Montessori

  • Susan Isaacs

  • Jean Piaget

  • Lev Vygotsky

  • Burrhus Skinner

  • John Bowlby

  • Jerome Bruner

  • Loris Malaguzzi

  • Paulo Friere

  • Margaret Donaldson

  • Howard Gardner

  • Te Whariki

  • Forest schools

This pack is available on a 30 day approval for all educational institutions delivering early years and childcare courses. <a target=""_blank"" href=""/Products/ProductRequestCopy.aspx?ProductId=406&amp;ReturnUrl=/Products/P1147/how-children-learn-tutor-resource-pack.aspx?rf=1"">Click here to receive your pack free for the first 30 days. Terms and conditions apply.

About the authors

This pack is written by Sheila Riddall-Leech, an early years and childcare author and experience CACHE tutor. Sheila Riddall-Leech runs her own training company specialising in delivering CACHE courses to students. The Consultant Editor of this book is Linda Pound. Linda Pound is a respected author, and is the author of three of the student titles in the How Children Learn series. Linda Pound is an early years consultant, having previously lecturered in early years departments at universities across the UK.

ISBN: 9781907241147